Management of the cycle of life of a project, from the initial phases of preparation to the tender procedure, general leadership of the project, assistance with the commissioning of the operational, technical, economic and legal aspects to guarantee the requirement of the contract in its temporal, costing and labor quality components; planning and coordination of big dimension projects.


Drafting of the SAL or, if they are drafted by the construction firm, the monitoring and the approval of them. The endorsement of possible improving technical changes of the project, the verification of the correct implementation of work, and the drafting of the briefing reports and of the potential duty orders.


Through the multiannual experience on territory and the expertise of the cantonal and the municipal legislation, the Studio offers consulting to all Technical offices regarding territorial planning.


Real estate value assessments where a technical opinion of the market value of a construction or a plot of land is requested. Alternatively, technical assessments of evaluation of damage both for the research of the causes and their amount.