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Farvagny prefabricated villa

Who think that choose a prefabbricated house means to select a house from a catalog is really wrong. 


Prefabbricated means only that all the structure of the house is dimensionated, cut and prepared in a storage and after comes to the site and was built up there. Obviously the architecture composition of the building is in the hands of the architect that project the house based to the indication of the client. 

The benefict of a prefabbricated house is that you have a lot of guarantee. The cost of the opera, the time in witch is ready, the resistance to the earthquake and of course all the features of wood. 


The process is not easy, you have to project all the thing before the house was prepare, so all the details is decided in time, and you can't correct the error. But after you design all, the building process is more quickly and easy, and you have a lot of creative freedom to project it. All the structure is in x-lam wood, the facade have a vent system and the exterior covering is made by eternit


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