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Landscape arrangement

The area subjected to intervention is found at altitude 1315m s.l.m, on the top of Sighignola, on the boarder of the Swiss Confederation (Town of Arogno) and Italy (Town of Lanzo d’Intelvi), registered in the locations of the heart by FAI and Legambiente. The project consisted of a first phase of demolishment of the outward part of land of the cable car’s arrival station and of the last iron pillar near to the peak, included the high-voltage power line. Later, it had been planned to create a balcony substituting the ‘eco-monster,’ on top of which to create a grassland terrace connected to the green area behind of it. The naturalistic arrangement of the area was actualized through different operations done with the aim of operating a naturalistic, landscaping and usable enhancement of the Mount Sighignola compound. On the flat area located under the roadway, after the demolition of the ‘eco-monster,’ a cross-boarder recreational area equipped for families and tourists was created by laying wood structures such as panoramic benches, swings, refreshment elements and playing constructions.

The intervention taken forward by the studio, involving in first person many entities and actively collaborating in the research of founds for its realization, has been worth a medal of merit of the Italian Republic released by the president Giorgio Napolitano.


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